Thursday, February 5, 2015

Fresh Guilt

I'm so glad that Fresh Off the Boat finally premiered. I've been waiting for it so long. I was an Asian teen in the 1980s rather than the 1990s, but I relate to so much of the humor on the show. I hope it gets good ratings. It's been forever since Margaret Cho's sitcom, and I've forgotten everything about it. I had hoped that Tina Fey's Cabot College show with Margaret Cho was going to get made, but the pilot never got picked up. I guess this sitcom is better, since it stars Asian-Americans as lead characters instead of the token supporting actor roles in various police dramas. Plus Margaret Cho is on a cable talk show now. Anyway, if Fresh Off the Boat fails, then I hope we won't wait another 20 years for the next attempt at an Asian-American show.

Agent Carter's latest episode was somewhat better, though they left out Angie. I don't understand why Lyndsy Fonseca signed up for this bland, perky waitress role. Why isn't she the Russian spy/assassin? Is she trying to preemptively keep from being typecast after Nikita? At least Peggy got to go on a real mission, and Dottie didn't find the vial of blood. The Russian assassin school was creepy, though I don't get how it relates to Leviathan, and the prisoners they were keeping. (I have heard that this Red Room stuff is part of Black Widow's origins in the comic books, but they're still not tying together enough threads.) I fear that Agent Thompson's backstory was revealed to set him up as Peggy's love interest, especially at that campfire scene. I don't want that at all, nor did I like the boss Dooley saying that Thompson has a crush on Carter. So that's why he's a jerk to her and insists on calling her "Marge"? Blecch! Peggy's not going to enjoy her newly-won respect for long, since her secret's out in the next episode. I hope we'll get some explanations soon. I mean, would it kill Howard to tell his side of the story about the Battle of Finow?

Empire was good, too, though I knew right away that Cookie made a mistake about the red rose at her door. Still, Lucious should have at least left a note with the rose; at least write "Happy Anniversary" or something. Now both Cookie and Lucious are guilty of murder. We'll have to see if anyone finds out.

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