Friday, February 6, 2015

We Hardly Knew You

Well, that was unexpected. Elementary seems to be doing this lately, having some sudden crisis or twist at the end of an episode. I wonder if it's just for February sweeps or a permanent trend? Anyway, Joan's boyfriend was reintroduced, only for her to break up with him, and worse yet, get killed because somebody poisoned Joan's coffee, and he accidentally drank it. More than the abrupt death, I'm annoyed that Holmes was right about Watson feeling no passion for her boyfriend. He makes these rude judgment calls and pronouncements, and we're supposed to think he's right just because he's a detective genius. But Holmes is fallible and can be wrong. In this show, for instance, he was fooled by Moriarty as Irene back in London. In the books he severely misjudged the mystery in "The Yellow Face" and thought the woman was a bigamist and blackmail victim; in fact, he told Watson to remind him of the case by saying "Norbury" any time he got too overconfident.

Why did Holmes have to be right? He's the one who said what a perfect boyfriend Andrew was, and how the guy didn't get possessive or annoyed by her spending time with Holmes. She liked him once. The promos for next week also suggest that she'll be moving back into the brownstone, resetting the status quo. I hate that. I wanted Ms. Hudson to move in and stop being offscreen. I guess I should be glad that Holmes at least finally deigned to work for a private client, even if it did turn into homicide yet again. He should learn that interesting cases can have humble and trivial beginnings. Now if they could just take a case that doesn't turn into murder. But of course they have to solve Andrew's murder right now.

You know what mystery they dropped a long time ago? The identity of Holmes's father. He's never shown himself, nor have they mentioned him having any real (instead of Mycroft-faked) reaction to Holmes continuing to live at the brownstone rent-free. Was their father even aware that Sherlock worked for MI6 and returned to London for a while? Is Mycroft being hidden by their father right now? Will they unite with Kitty and do something interesting? I really would like Sherlock to stop blathering on about people being financially in distress while he continues to live his hypocritical trustfund lifestyle. It's easy to say, "I don't work for money" when you're rich; I'd like to see him struggle to "earn his bread and cheese" as Holmes did in the stories. If you want to refresh the formula of the show, that's the kind of character development you need, not randomly killing off Watson's boyfriend for the drama.

Anyway, I was glad that Fresh Off the Boat got good ratings, even against Empire. I hope it will do well on its Tuesday timeslot, or if it needs help, I'd like to see it paired with Cristela or something compatible. I miss black-ish too and will be glad for new episodes soon.

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