Monday, February 9, 2015

Less soap, please

This week's Pinkertons episode was focused on "the sweet science" of pugilism, and the client was Kate's childhood friend Henry who is now a bareknuckle boxer. Unfortunately, Henry didn't reveal any interesting information about Kate's past, such as her maiden name, family, or details about her late husband. He mainly kept trying to flirt with Kate and imply that Will Pinkerton was jealous. I really don't like the show trying to force romantic hints like that, because I actually would prefer Will with Annalee, the local madam who also runs the hotel bar. I also thought the show had been trying to establish Will flirting with other women like Rebecca the preacher's daughter. I would prefer that Will and Kate just stay colleagues and friends at most. Next week's episode shows the return of Kenji, their Japanese client from earlier in the season. I hope the case will be better, and I wonder when Allan will return to Kansas City.

I saw the latest Grantchester episode, featuring secret gay affairs, blackmail, and murder. I do appreciate that the show tries to handle such delicate topics, but I still think that too much of the show is wasted on Sidney's love life. Sure, I'm glad that Sidney is getting over his broken heart, but Amanda had to act so jealous of Hildegard. You're engaged, Amanda, and you know how hard it is for him to perform your wedding! Why would you be so catty about how she'd make a good vicar's wife? Be happy for him, and act like a friend. I really do hope this Amanda gets written out of the show, because I can't take her anymore. Can we just get back to the mysteries?

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