Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Arthur and George and Sherlock

Sunday I watched part one of the Masterpiece adaptation of Arthur and George, the novel about George Edalji's case. I've never read the book and have since heard that the book and TV show take liberties with historical accuracy. It was an okay show and kind of spooky. I knew I recognized the actress playing Jean Leckie from somewhere, so I looked her up in IMDB; Hattie Morahan actually played the love interest in the Mr. Holmes movie, so she's been romancing both ACD and his fictional creation. I like her in this role, though her comment about ACD's weight would have made more impact had the actor been padded more heavily to resemble ACD. I'll have to see what parts 2 and 3 are like before I can really judge the whole show. There was a 10 minute behind the scenes video at the end of the episode which was interesting too.

In the meantime I was curious about what happened with the feminist s(her)lock web series, and after a search I learned too late that they did an indiegogo campaign this summer to get more funding. I totally missed it, but would not have been able to fund since I'm still unemployed; I should have tried to promote it though. Oh well. Their Facebook page says they still finished filming season 1, though and are doing post-production. They also have a new logo, and are using hyphens instead of parentheses. I don't know if they'll stick to their November release date or not, but at least they posted their first episode on the Indiegogo page. (It was an adaptation of Dancing Men, only the cipher messages were mailed and also faxed, due to it being 1995. I liked it, and enjoyed seeing both Lestrade and Gregson appear, as if this were Study in Scarlet. No backstory about how Holmes met Watson, but we do see her begin writing her first story on Holmes's case.) I'll try to check in on them again later.

They mention that they are still continuing to promote the s(her)lock show, and their Tumblr has a post recapping their appearance at a recent convention. I was surprised that they were fans of Elementary too, so they did a panel about that. They both defend the show and criticize problems. I disagree with them about Moriarty and Mycroft, but am glad to see them defend Joan Watson and analyze the rich emotional relationship she has with Holmes. I'm still not returning to the show, but good luck to it.

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