Sunday, September 27, 2015

Miss Fisher season 3

I've had a strange problem with my Netflix lately. When I access my account from my Tivo, the video plays, but with no sound. I keep messing with the audio settings, but nothing seems to fix it. However, when I access Netflix through my Apple TV (using the same television), both audio and video work just fine. I don't know what's going on.

Anyway, I found that the new season of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries was on Netflix now, so I binge-watched the episodes over a couple of days. There's new pictures in the opening credits, and the show is still fun and enjoyable. They even had an episode about female hysteria featuring an "electric massager" device. The show continues to be feminist, with Dottie asserting to both Hugh and her Catholic priest that she's not going to be a meek obedient wife. In one episode, a woman disguises herself as a man in order to become a pilot, and in another, we learn of the women factory workers who died of radiation poisoning after painting watches with radioactive paint. (Polonium is substituted for radium.)

In season 3, Phryne's father unexpectedly drops in for a few episodes with a dangerous mystery, while Hugh and Dottie have some drama about their upcoming wedding. (Hugh has to convert to Catholicism for Dottie, but his mother objects. He also wants to get a promotion and make more money to support them.) Hugh disappears briefly (perhaps the actor had another project to do) but returns in time for his and Dottie's wedding. Jack and Phryne meanwhile continue on their slow, frustrating pace. Anyway, in the end, Phryne has to take her father back home to England, so I guess we might meet her mother next season. (Or I read about a movie in the works.) I hope it's just for a little while, then Phryne will return to Australia.

I'm a little skeptical that Phryne can fly all the way to England in that small plane. Surely she'd need to rest and refuel somewhere? I do kind of hope that she lets Hugh and Dottie stay at her house while she's gone. I'm also not sure what happened to the teenage girl that Phryne adopted in past seasons; Jane might still be away at school I guess. Will she be there in England too? Will Jack follow Phryne? I can't wait to find out.

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