Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Muppets and Other Premieres

Damn, it's officially fall now, but Texas still has 90-degree weather like it's summer. I wish there was some relief soon, but the meteorologist said it wouldn't be for another month. (And with global warming, who knows how much worse it will get.)

Anyway, The Muppets debuted last night, and I liked it so far. Way too many people are complaining about the show being too "adult" now. This isn't Sesame Street. Just this Sunday, PBS aired a special about Jim Henson, showing that he hated people pigeonholing his muppets as being for kids only. He created the original Muppets variety show in order to prove that his muppets were for grownups too. (I watched it as a kid at the time, so some jokes flew over my head. That's probably what will happen here.) I hope it continues to get good ratings.

I was so glad for Fresh Off The Boat to come back too, and was not disappointed. I was surprised, though, that the same actress who had played Fozzie Bear's girlfriend was playing Jessica's massage therapist also. (I think she's one of the leads of that Another Period show, but I don't know their names yet.)

I'm more disappointed in tonight's premieres. Rosewood had a clunky pilot, but I liked that he works with his gay sister and her fiancee. The show also had one of the actors from Forever playing the lead's mom. The previews had promised a light, fluffy crime show, so I'll stick around for now to see if it fulfills that promise.

I was disappointed in Empire too, because I really did not like that gorilla suit in the cage, nor the fact that all the Lyons knew Lucious was guilty of Bunkie's murder, yet they were trying to push him as innocent at the rally. Really horrible hypocrisy, and I didn't like the exploitative party where bikini-clad women were making out for the lesbian billionaire. Also, Jamal kept complaining in the episode about how he was always stuck in meetings and never had time to go to the studio. But if the hostile takeover had worked, and the power was shared among Cookie and the rest of the brothers, then Jamal would have some freaking free time to go to the studio! Yet he's a stupid ass who can't let the power go. He's feeling betrayed by their maneuver and he's sticking with Lucious instead. Such an idiot. The episode only perked up with the stuff about Frank Gathers, where they finally picked up the thread about Cookie's mistaken hit in season 1. Hope the show gets better this season, and we see more flashbacks like they promised.

But I did like Black-ish tonight. I didn't realize how much I missed Charlie and his nonsense; he makes me smile. I'm glad that more people, including women, are talking during Dre's work meetings, but I wonder why we don't see Bow's colleagues more. Also, are the grandparents both living at the guest house now? I thought Ruby didn't live nearby.

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