Friday, October 2, 2015

Meanwhile on TV

Sleepy Hollow seems to be better now, with Pandora putting the Headless Horseman on ice in her magic box. We can move on from all that Moloch mess, I guess. I miss Irving, but was at least glad that Jenny got to shine. I was really worried about her when she got knocked out; I kept saying, "Go check on Jenny" while Ichabod and Abbie were hugging. I'm not sure about Betsy Ross (and where she'd fit into the previous story about Crane, Abraham, and Katrina) yet, but since she's in the credits too, I guess we'll get more development later. It is kind of fun that the show has lots more female characters now.

On Wednesday I had a blackout in the middle of primetime, so I missed half of Empire. What I saw seemed okay, though the flashback with Lucious's mother was too confusing. I guess I'll stick with the show for now, as long as they don't do that crap about pretending Lucious is innocent; maybe his sleazy lawyer can work that angle, but I don't want anyone else participating in stuff like that shitty concert in the premiere. That was really fucking offensive to use Black Lives Matter that way. I liked Black-ish more, with its tackling of gun control.

I'm trying to like Rosewood, but it's hard given how arrogant and pushy they're writing him. I really love the diversity; no white characters as leads, and the supporting characters are lesbians, happily getting married. But the detective Villa is too violent and resistant to getting therapy; I was at least glad that her boss brought up her brutality and showed that she was in trouble for it. I love the mom character, though I learned that in real life Lorraine is only 9 years older than Morris Chestnut, so she shouldn't be his mother. Really horrible how Hollywood operates, though in this case Morris does look younger than his age; so if we hope that his character's only in his 30s, it might work better. I think the latest episode was showing that Rosewood's girlfriend is Villa's new therapist, but I don't know where they're going with that. She's not going to violate confidentiality, is she? I wish the mysteries were better too. I was hoping for something fun and light, but maybe this isn't it.

Minority Report is giving off Almost Human vibes, though they seem to be moving faster on their season arc with Agatha's vision of being recaptured. If it gets more serial and less procedural, I might like it better. Not sure that the ratings will let it survive that long, though. I guess it can kill time for me while waiting for Supergirl. I'm not gonna watch the Dr. Ken sitcom, because it doesn't look funny to me, and I miss Cristela. I'll stick with Fresh Off the Boat, though this week's episode wasn't good.

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