Wednesday, October 14, 2015

More Wu, Less Hughes

Fresh Off the Boat got its back-nine order, which is a good sign for renewal for next season. I haven't enjoyed the last couple of episodes, though. I totally did not like the dad being so gaga about the dance and Pretty in Pink. I know I should identify with John Hughes movies due to my generation, but I actually didn't see those films when I was the right age for them. I was a shy misfit and didn't go to dances at all, either. I heard the iconic '80s songs on the radio and liked them, but never knew what movies they were from. Eventually I did watch Pretty in Pink and Ferris Bueller, but didn't really like or remember them. So no nostalgia haze about the rite of passage from me. Anyway, I hope Fresh Off the Boat will improve soon; maybe the plot with Jessica, Honey, and Grandma flipping houses will be funny. Constance Wu still deserves an Emmy.

Sadly, The Muppets ratings keep going down, but it looks like everything else was down last night due to baseball and the debate. I hope it recovers or at least stabilizes. Grandfathered is okay, for being cute sometimes, but I like the supporting cast at the restaurant more than the baby stuff. Hopefully Black-ish will stay strong tonight.

Anyway, I watched two more episodes of the Latin Americans, about World War II and post-war veterans issues and civil rights. They talked about Hector Garcia leading the American G.I forum, and his relationship with LBJ. They explained Operation Wetback, and how Garcia changed his mind about supporting it when he saw how destructive it was to families. Good that he realized his error about deportation and stereotyping illegal immigrants. It was interesting to see the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act in the context of discrimination against other minorities besides African Americans. (They did mention the Japanese internment camps in passing, but dropped it.) Then the next episode was about Puerto Ricans, ethnic immigrant conflicts, and Cuban refugees. I'd never heard about the zoot suit riots before, so this is an informative series, and I look forward to the last two episodes.

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