Thursday, October 22, 2015

Soap Trope

Tonight's episode of Black-ish was much better. The Johnsons are "CEO churchgoers" who go on Christmas and Easter only, but now they try out churches. Junior seemed to like both. Diane going to court-ordered therapy, and being so evil, makes it easy to see why Charlie doesn't like her. The Jewish woman in Dre's office getting sent to HR was absurd but believable, with the clueless boss. But I still wonder why we focus so constantly on Dre's work colleagues and not Bow's.

The description for tonight's Empire was completely wrong. Anika didn't show up at all, much less work with Cookie on some launch party. I was bored for much of the episode, and I didn't like the music. I can't believe the Feds claimed that Vernon committed suicide to save embarrassment; what a disappointing, anticlimactic end to that story. I increasingly dislike Lucious's flashbacks about his Mom. Are they trying to make us sympathize with him? I don't, because he doesn't share these memories out loud with anyone or explain to Andre why he treats him so badly. Oh, you don't believe in God, do you, Lucious? To me, you're the one who needs to "man up" and confess your sins. If you won't confess to your family, then at least go to therapy and work through your issues. I didn't like the kidnapping at the end, because it feels like a stupid cliffhanger stunt just because the World Series is next week. I guess I can quit watching now and just read a recap after the next episode to find out how Hakeem is rescued.

Some shows will be off next week for the World Series (or Halloween specials). At least Supergirl will finally premiere. I was hoping that the Suffragette movie would come out this week, but I guess it won't reach my local theaters until November 6.

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