Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Damn elections

It appears that Trump truly can't be stopped from winning the nomination, and it's so horrifying. (Some people say he'll be easy to beat in the general election, but I'm still disgusted with him and not amused.) Meanwhile, now that Super Tuesday is coming closer, I'm seeing a lot more TV ads for Republicans and even heard a radio ad as well. It's so annoying. I'm going to early vote tomorrow, when I have the day off from work, though I'm still conflicted about who I'll vote for in the Democratic primary.

Obama released a plan to close Guantanamo, which shows he's still trying, but fucking Congress is still vowing to obstruct him. Somebody had the nerve to compare it to the Trail of Tears. They are such cowards and liars! Guantanamo was not used because the prisoners were especially heinous (many were accused on faulty evidence); it was because the prison's location meant the administration could do nasty stuff like torture without being held accountable to laws. So moving the prisoners does not mean we have supercriminals ready to escape and terrorize the country. It means we as a country can stop terrorizing them and finally treat them within our fucking regular justice system!

Surprisingly, this point was made this week in a great episode of Supergirl called "Truth, Justice, and the American Way" the old motto for Superman. James Olsen brought up Guantanamo and criticized Kara for supporting the DEO's imprisonment of Max Lord. He's a villain, but he has rights, like any other citizen; besides, they could not keep his kidnapping a secret for long. It was so great to see emotional, moral conflict, and to have James advocate for them not to be hypocrites. If only we could get real politicians to live up to American ideals of truth and justice too. Not while they're voting to block a new Supreme Court nominee, apparently.

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