Monday, February 15, 2016

Political Upheaval

I was rather stunned by Antonin Scalia dying over the weekend. The Republicans were quick to say that Obama shouldn't nominate a replacement, and I don't know what's going to happen while the Supreme Court only has 8 justices. There are a number of court cases still pending that affect Texas, such as the abortion law, affirmative action, and immigration, and I read contradictory statements about what will happen to those rulings in the case of a tie. It's really worrying, and I just want to know everything will be all right. It's especially annoying that we keep having to use voter IDs, when I hoped they would be gone in time for the 2016 elections.

Though I certainly hated Scalia's votes on the Supreme Court, I recently watched a PBS special on Italian Americans, and there was an episode giving a non-partisan viewpoint on Scalia. Apparently many Italian Americans were happy with his historic appointment as an Italian American on the court; they felt it gave their group a better role model than the Italian mafia stereotype in so many movies and TV shows. I guess I'm sad for them to lose that, but maybe we'll get a more liberal justice this time.

As for politics in general, early voting starts this week for the Democratic primary, and I'm still deciding what I'll do. There are local offices I should vote for, and I'm researching the candidates on the League of Women Voters website. As for the Presidential race, I really do not want to vote for Hillary due to her anti-BDS stance on Israel, but then again, I am still really pissed off with Bernie's conspiracy crap. Maybe I'll cast a vote for Martin O'Malley even though he's out, or one of several other people on the ballot for some reason. I guess these no-names are only on the Democratic primary ballot, not the official general election ballot. I'm just so sick of this campaign, especially the endless debates now that the DNC sanctioned more. Hope you're happy for getting what you want, Bernie lovers. It's so fucking boring and stirs up shitty animosity like on Daily Kos.

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