Saturday, February 20, 2016

TV lately

I was somewhat disappointed in the latest Apocalypse episode, because Rhonda was still on the run, and Jamie and Dave spent too long breaking Mary out of the mental ward. I wanted to see more about Jamie's wife and the giraffe girl, but apparently they've gone home, while the priest and the nun work some other false Messiah case which was pointless. I really hate the fact that the priest gets so much protagonist stuff to do while the nun just reacts to him. She doesn't get to have an emotional journey or story other than "wow, I was wrong, and you're so awesome after all." I'm afraid that, with those henchman getting the priest's blood, we're just going to keep following his story and not hear much from the nun. Ariel really went full villain, at least, so maybe some plots will start moving forward.

Last night's Second Chance surprised me by not being as creepy and gross about a serial murder/mutilation case as I feared; too many CSI-type procedural shows seem to glorify the violence and titillation of the exotic. The visible gore was kept to a minimum, and even Jimmy held back from assaulting a guy while interrogating him. The writers handled the escort Jilly as a strong survivor rather than a victim, and she got to talk to Mary about other stuff unrelated to her case. Jilly got kidnapped twice, was treated respectfully by Jimmy, and was allowed to have emotional conflict about whether to kill her captor in revenge. She got a lot of character development for a one-episode character. The show also surprised me by revealing that Mary's assistant is not as loyal and ditzy as expected, and we don't know if the old man is the reason for her betrayal of her boss. Does she know the truth about Jimmy, and is hoping to save her elderly friend too? I hope the show keeps airing out its full plot before it's cancelled.

The Muppets has been improving lately, with more skits and fun moments, though I think their first episode back wasn't a good choice. The ratings haven't improved really. The other sitcoms I watch are uneven lately, and I may drop Grandfathered.

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