Saturday, April 2, 2016

Courts more like circuses

In other news, the FBI somehow unlocked the phone with help from a third party, so they dropped their case against Apple. But surprise, surprise, they now offered to help unlock a phone in another criminal case. And there's tons more phones that other law enforcement people will want to break into also, and the FBI isn't gonna share the method so Apple can fix it. This was never about the one phone; it was about the precedent they wanted to set.

North Carolina is getting sued for their new law, and the Attorney General refuses to defend it, so good on him. I hope he wins the election against the governor. But Kim Davis's lawyer already volunteered to defend the case instead. *Eyeroll*

I'm not sure what to think about the Supreme Court's decision about the religious exemptions from providing birth control. I read one article saying it's a good thing, that they're asking for briefs about what accommodation would satisfy the Nuns. Stop making the government offer alternatives only for the religious employers to say "No, I refuse. That's still a burden on me." Instead, the justices want the Nuns to say "This is the accommodation that will satisfy me." So if they refuse to offer an accommodation, it will expose how they'll never be satisfied at all. So then the Supremes will have to rule in favor of the government, because they made every effort to compromise, while the other side refuses.

But I read a more depressing article saying this ruling meant the Court would have a tie vote, making the law different in different states. It's so confusing. I wish the Court would just rule that it's unreasonable for the employer's religion to trump the personal beliefs of the employees about their own healthcare. There's so many other cases to get to later; we need a new justice now! Stupid obstructionist Senators! Even if you vote Garland down, at least have the damn hearings!

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