Saturday, April 2, 2016

Some suspense

So sad to hear about Douglas Wilmer dying this week. I have his old BBC Sherlock Holmes series on DVD and enjoyed it a lot. Apparently he didn't like the running of the show, though, so he quit and they had to recast with Peter Cushing in season 2.

The finale of You, Me and the Apocalypse was a bit of a downer, especially knowing that the show will have no season 2. The protagonists kept killing people, and Rhonda tried to justify it as "that guy was gonna die anyway because of the apocalypse." Her sick husband looked at her with such disappointment, though other characters said they would have done what she did. I'm not sure how I feel about Gaines assassinating the President because he would have been an unfit leader, yet he doesn't feel bad about imprisoning those Saviour scientists before, or shooting their way out of the military base when rescuing Rhonda and Leanne. There's a lot of moral ambiguity in the plot, which I guess is realistic. I do still wonder about Jamie's fate and what would happen next in the bunker. (Are we sure Celine's baby is okay, after she drank all that alcohol before the pregnancy test?) Even though things aren't really resolved, I don't regret investing in the show because it had a lot of drama, mystery, and action unlike stupid Last Man on Earth.

And it was certainly not disappointing like Sleepy Hollow's penultimate episode last night. Pandora kept talking about how The Hidden One would become omnipotent and destroy the world soon; everything's so urgent and dependent on the sands in the Hourglass. But what do the heroes do? Chat endlessly about stupid donuts, and whether to let FBI boss into the group, and joke about frigging chess pieces, and ask Betsy Ross for her frigging lifestory when she comes back from the dead. The episode was so slow and dialogue heavy, destroying any dramatic tension. It's the possible end of the world, yet they don't treat it like they're doomed.

Yeah, supposedly time doesn't really pass in the Catacombs, so maybe Abbie and Ichabod do have time to the chat for hours, but they didn't look the least bit concerned about fixing Pandora's box and rejoining their friends in the real world. What the fuck is wrong with them, that they're not in a hurry to say, "Betsy, thank God you're alive. I don't have time to explain now, but let my friend and I do this one important thing, then we'll all escape this world as quickly as possible. You can explain what happened to you later, too." She didn't even seem in any hurry to run out of the room and be sure that she escaped the trap she'd been in so long, either. What the fuck? And this is besides the stuff about Papa Mills knowing all about the supernatural after all, and Joe getting killed off. If the finale next week is more of this garbage, then I'm done with the show. Besides, the ratings may be bad enough that Fox will cancel it too. Stupid Sleepy Hollow not knowing how to fix the damn show.

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