Sunday, March 27, 2016

Tough week

As expected, Hillary lost the caucuses last night, but she still holds a big delegate lead, so we'll have to hang on for more primaries. Meanwhile, new discriminatory laws were passed in Georgia and North Carolina, but many companies did threaten to boycott. I hope the laws will be challenged in court soon, but it's depressing we still have to fight so many assaults on civil rights. It's bad enough Texas's anti-abortion law is before the Supreme Court now with the possibility of the ruling being a tie. And we're still waiting on the appeal of the voter ID law in May.

Anyway, is this the first Easter that the TV networks don't show The Ten Commandments movie? I haven't paid attention, and the film's probably more appropriate for Passover. So for holiday programming Fox showed the Passion musical last week instead. I didn't watch it, not being Christian or interested. I've heard that passion plays were performed historically in medieval Europe, but I thought that was mostly because many people were illiterate and needed the Bible's events acted out to them. I don't get why you'd want to act it out now, in the interactive sense, rather than just watching The Passion of the Christ movie instead. Whatever.

Meanwhile, Second Chance had a fairly satisfying ending. The last couple of minutes were setup for a possible season 2, but if you ignore that, you can just imagine that Mary will eventually return after she has time to heal and make a difference in the world on her own. The finale was not as good as Minority Report's, but there were some moving scenes as characters said goodbye. Otto at least realized some of the unintended consequences of his quest to save Mary at all costs. Like Jimmy being okay with dying, I'm okay with the show being done this season. I might be okay with Sleepy Hollow getting cancelled too.

As for movies, I won't go to see the Batman vs Superman movie, just as I skipped Deadpool. The only part that interested me was Wonder Woman, and I heard she's barely in it. I'll wait for her solo film next year. Also, the trailer for the Lego Batman movie was released, and there was a glimpse of other superheros including Wonder Woman. I hope she might get a plot, even if it's only going to be a parody of DC's movie. Humor helps deal with the suckiness of the real world.

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