Wednesday, March 23, 2016


My sympathies to everyone hurt or killed in recent attacks in Belgium and Turkey. I just wish it wouldn't bring out ugly xenophobic rhetoric from our politicians. Hillary was pivoting toward the general and condemning anti-Muslim hate, but I'm still so annoyed with her for her speech to AIPAC. I'm mad that AIPAC is such a powerful lobby that all sorts of politicians feel obliged to attend and kowtow to Israel. Bernie Sanders skipped it only because of his campaign schedule, and apparently he gave a foreign policy interview in which he criticized BDS as anti-Semitic. So he's no better than Hillary Clinton. I would have thought that a Jewish Senator would realize that being anti-Israel is not the same as being anti-Jewish, because Israel does not speak for all the Jewish people of the world. Oh, sure, Bernie will say nice things about being fair to Palestinians in the peace process, but I already looked into his record on the topic, and he'll never vote for anything that punishes Israel at all. I've been disappointed in both him and Hillary for a long time on this issue.

The only ray of hope I cling to is that Hillary was able to negotiate a ceasefire in Gaza in 2012, and she helped in the Clinton administration's efforts to bring peace in Ireland during the Troubles, so she's experienced with intransigent, seemingly hopeless conflict. I hope she'll continue to work for peace and appoint a Secretary of State who can negotiate a two-state solution, something John Kerry tried but failed to do. I wish for the day when American politicians don't consider it necessary to talk about Israel as our special ally who needs to be protected at all costs.

Meanwhile Tuesday's election results were mixed, with Hillary winning Arizona but losing Utah and Idaho to Bernie. He's always done well in predominately-white caucuses, though. I don't think he can win the diverse and populous states of California and New York, so he won't really be able to catch up in delegates. I'm still sick of this damn election and the neverending debates/townhalls.

In other news, the FBI cancelled a hearing on their Apple case; some third party had come forward with a different solution to unlocking the iPhone. I read an article about what it might be--something about making a copy of Effaceable Memory and then detaching it from the iPhone so that it can be restored in case you fail cracking the passcode. I guess it makes sense, and I hope the FBI drops the court case.

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