Thursday, November 5, 2015

No to Netanyahu

So Hillary Clinton is continuing to pander to Israeli hawks with an op-ed praising Netanyahu. She continues to be anti-BDS, so she is still on my shitlist. Fuck Netanyahu and fuck anybody who believes his lies when he comes to visit. He doesn't give a crap about peace.

Just when I was feeling more positive about Clinton she does this. I'm not voting for her in the primary, and if she becomes President I shall view all her actions on Israel with suspicion. But perhaps she'll be too busy dealing with domestic issues and other Middle East conflicts for it to matter.

I'm not voting for Bernie Sanders either in the primary, given how bad he is on gun control. (His rabid supporters are also a huge turnoff.) I've tried to research his position on Israel, and it's muddled at best. Apparently, he'll sometimes say good things about the two-state solution and show sympathy for Palestinians, but he won't vote to cut military funding or really change anything. You'd think, because he's Jewish, that he'd be immune from charges of antisemitism, and could rebuke Israel in a real way, but no, he's apparently still taking the safe stance of kowtowing to our so-called ally. Fucking coward. He's just a politician like everybody else, not some savior.

So I'm not voting in the Dem primary at all. I'll wait to see whoever the party wants to choose, then I'll vote Democratic in the general election. That's it. There is no "lesser of two evils" on this issue. They're both crap candidates on Israel, but I'll have to default to one of them because of everything else that's so important. I hate politics.

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