Monday, November 30, 2015


Tonight was Minority Report's finale, and it was excellent. It really gave closure to the Precogs' story and even had time to provide backstory for Wally. He must have been wracked with guilt for lying to those kids years ago, for him to decide to kill Blomfeld to protect them. The Memento Mori terrorism plot didn't really interest me, but that was the only flaw in the episode. This show was much more satisfying than Almost Human, which was too procedural, ignoring the long-term mysteries of the show for too long. Sadly, Minority Report is probably cancelled, but it was good while it lasted.

Meanwhile, Supergirl got an order for seven more episodes. CBS is calling it a full season, though others are skeptical of its chances for renewal. I'll try to hold out hope. Tonight's episode definitely brought out more depth for Kara as well as Cat Grant. I really hope the show's planned Superman flashbacks won't be too intrusive. They shouldn't have to keep mentioning Kara's cousin so much.

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