Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Jason the Bateman

Wow, the latest Muppets episode featured Kermit singing The Rainbow Connection! I'm not sure why they split up the song with commercials, though. Bateman played himself as a jerk who manipulates Kermit, then gets him kicked out of yoga. I guess he likes playing bastards lately.

Fox announced a midseason schedule that will move some shows around. I'm glad I have a DVR to keep up with the changes. I was sad to find a Bones rerun airing instead of Minority Report this Monday, but at least it didn't get higher ratings than Minority Report in the slot. Anyway, I found out that Fox did that because Minority Report was behind schedule on producing episodes. As long as it returns and finishes its run I'm fine. Sleepy Hollow might not survive the move to Fridays, though. We'll see. I don't mind Brooklyn Nine-Nine going to Tuesdays as long as there are no DVR conflicts. I wonder when the other networks will release their midseason schedules.

Anyway, this weekend I'll go see The 33, the story of the Chilean miners who were trapped. I hope the movie will be suitably uplifting. I don't know if I'll see the Peanuts movie out of nostalgia or not. I stopped enjoying the Charlie Brown TV specials after a while.

On TV last weekend, there was a marathon of the 1960s Green Hornet show, and I watched several episodes. I didn't like the first few episodes, because they never showed an origin story. A few episodes near the middle were interesting for departing from the formula, such as when the Green Hornet got shot and had to fake another shooting as Britt Reid in order to go the hospital. (That happened in the 2011 Green Hornet movie too.) I loved that movie for making Lenore Case an unwitting mastermind instead of a love interest. I would have liked to have seen a sequel, but I guess it didn't make enough money.

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