Thursday, November 19, 2015


I couldn't watch more than 1 hour of the Dem debate on Saturday. After the initial questions about the Paris attacks and Syrian refugees, it seemed like most of the questions were issues they had already discussed during the CNN debate. Was CBS just assuming not enough people watched the cable debate, and needed to hear the same answers again? I was glad that O'Malley supported accepting 65,000 refugees, and got Clinton to agree. These Syrian refugees will be thoroughly screened, and we need to do our part, not repeat the horrible response we had to the migrant crisis from Mexico last year.

The xenophobia and fearmongering is really awful lately, especially since France is still committed to taking 30,000 refugees. I was really upset about that one mayor who talked about the Japanese internment camps as being a good policy for a "real" threat. It was not a real threat! It was paranoia and racism! Let's not repeat this shameful policy of FDR. (In fact I learned recently that immigrants of Italian and German descent were also classified as "enemy aliens" at that time as well.) I'm glad George Takei responded to that idiot who apparently doesn't know that American citizens were rounded up and imprisoned because of some imagined belief that they might be disloyal. I'm glad that Clinton dumped that mayor from her committee.

I'm from Vietnam. What would my life have been like if the US had refused to take my family after the Vietnam War? Or if the government made us live in internment camps?

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