Wednesday, November 11, 2015

BDS is not an attack

The European Union ruled today to label products from the Israel settlements. Hooray. When I took my trip to London, I was horrified to find that I accidentally bought stuff "Made in Israel". A European boycott might not make much difference economically to Israel, but it's good not to let them profit from such illegal occupation.

Netanyahu is asking for an increase of funding and he still says these boycotts are antisemitic. He never stops with these accusations and incitements. We're not trying to fucking eliminate Israel; we're trying to punish you and make you withdraw the settlements from stolen territory. Fuck you, Netanyahu, and fuck anybody defending you (including you, Hillary Clinton)!

Anyway, I didn't watch the Republican debate, because I don't enjoy circuses. The Democratic debate is this Saturday, though, so I'll tune in, despite my disgust with Clinton and Sanders.

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