Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Rotten Day

Shit. Another mass shooting in America. I don't know why they struck a San Bernardino center for developmentally disabled people. I'm so tired of this.

Meanwhile, there's a fight going on in Texas, with the governor suing to stop a Syrian refuge family from being resettled here. They were supposed to come this Friday. I thought governors had no authority to refuse refugees, so what does he think a lawsuit is going to accomplish? I worry so much about what will happen given all the xenophobia here, especially at that mosque in Irving. No wonder Ahmed's family felt they had to leave the country to be safe.

About the only hopeful news I heard lately was that Hillary Clinton's emails show that she strongly favors closing Guantanamo. So if Obama can't get it done, maybe somehow she could manage it. But then again, she'd still have obstruction from Congress. So disappointing.

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