Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Need to Laugh

Meanwhile, sitcoms this week were especially good distractions from the world. The Muppets had a hilarious episode, even better than the one with the karaoke singing. I enjoyed the great duet with the guest star, and then Piggy had some crazy acupuncture beauty treatment. Gonzo finally got to do a daredevil stunt again, and Electric Mayhem did silly stuff too. I do hope they keep up this zany tone, to improve the ratings maybe.

On Fresh Off The Boat, Ray from The Millers guest starred as Louis's old friend. I was right that the house-flipping partnership created some good drama for Jessica and Honey. I did wonder, though, why Grandma didn't give an opinion on the argument, since she invested money too. Also, why didn't Honey ask for her money back? It was good, though, especially when Jessica mentioned Chinese people using the dishwasher for a drying rack. I can attest that Vietnamese people do the same.

I loved Black-ish tonight, though I wondered why it had such a similar plot about a past friend imposing on the family. I did like Wanda Sykes pointing out that there was only one woman at the company meeting; they do need to add more diversity to the ad agency. At the end, I was stunned by Charlie saying that he got a new job. Is the character really leaving the show? Was this his final send-off? I'll miss him.

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