Saturday, December 19, 2015

Not a Star Wars geek

I won't be seeing Star Wars this weekend. If I go at all, it will be in a couple of weeks when the crowds thin and the hype has died down. I saw the original trilogy but remember very little detail from them, and I didn't see the prequels. The nonstop promotion campaign has made me curious, though also repelled me because they are so frustratingly vague about the plot and the characters beyond Han and Leia. I like that there are some women in this and whoever that stormtrooper guy is, but how am I supposed to be excited if I don't fucking know who these people are? So I won't be going unless I see spoilers about the movie that actually explain what the hell's going on.

Sadly, none of the other movies out right now interest me either. I don't care about Pixar anymore or whale movies or boxing movies or anything like that. Nothing until Kung Fu Panda in January I guess. So I'll probably stay home to watch some DVD movies I just bought or to watch some TV shows I recorded.

The 1970s Charlotte's Web movie aired recently, reminding me that I loved those songs as a kid. (The only song I didn't like was the Smorgasbord one, but actually it was tolerable this time.) I also watched the live action remake on Netflix to compare, and read the book. The 2006 movie is somewhat more faithful to the book, but still has extra stuff like Fern taking Wilbur to school, which she didn't do in the book. Overall I still like the animated movie more, so I bought the DVD.

My PBS station hasn't been airing Miss Marple mysteries lately, probably because of the pledge drives and holiday programming. I hope those resume next year, but in the meantime, I've had to look around for other cozy mysteries to watch for the next few weeks. A Father Dowling Christmas episode aired on a local station, and I sure would want more of that stuff rather than the glut of CSI procedurals.

I'm also looking forward to whenever the Houdini and Doyle show comes to America. I hear it will air in the UK soon, and I hope it will at least be entertaining even if it isn't historically accurate.

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