Friday, December 4, 2015

Holiday Cheer

Last night's The Wiz musical was really stunning, and so much better than Peter Pan last year. I've never watched the old movie with Diana Ross and Michael Jackson, though I'm told it was a loose adaptation of the Broadway musical anyway. NBC's production team did a great job, especially with the flying and acrobatic stunts by Cirque de Soleil. I'm glad it got good ratings, and I hope the Broadway production will be successful too.

When I went to NBC's app to watch the making of video, I noticed that they had episodes of The Carmichael Show available. I missed it during the summer, but heard it got renewed. Only six episodes, but it was a cool sitcom. They often talked about interesting topics like guns, religion, etc, but not in an overbearing, preachy way. I'll look forward to when new episodes come out.

Also, I heard that there's going to be another Murder on the Orient Express movie, with Kenneth Branagh as Poirot. Strange to go with another Brit playing the Belgian, though I did like the modernized version starring Alfred Molina. Anything would be better than the abomination David Suchet made for TV; they twisted the ending to insert religious garbage into the Christie's revenge plot. I suppose the new version will be an opportunity for a lot of stars as all the suspects on the train. Might be fun.

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