Saturday, December 19, 2015

Petty Politics

There's a Democratic debate scheduled for tonight. I've been indecisive about whether to watch, because I didn't finish the last debate. Frankly, debates are boring to watch, and after I noticed so many repetitive answers from the first Democratic debate, I had no interest in rehashing the same stuff. I decided to just record tonight's debate and only watch it if anything interesting happens or if there's something new in reference to the DNC database kerfuffle.

Apparently the dispute has been settled by the DNC letting Bernie Sanders have access again, but from now on Sanders has been tarnished to me. No, candidate Bernie Sanders himself did not personally snoop in the database, but four people in his campaign staff did, and only one guy was fired for it. Then, while his defenders were all boo-hooing that the DNC "overreacted" by shutting them out, they claimed that the staffers never saved any data. But that was a lie, because the logs prove that they did root around in the database for 40 minutes and saved some stuff, so yes in fact they were thieves, not innocents who accidentally stumbled onto stuff. Defenders will claim that they were "investigating" and were going to report the incident, and it's the DNC's fault for not fixing an issue they reported in October, etc. But that's bullshit whining. The fired guy says that it was a different company in October, and I read that it was a software patch that caused the open access. So in fact, they were trying to secure the system, even if it didn't work; whatever "negligence" or incompetence you assign to the company, that doesn't make the snooping and theft from Hillary's files right. That's not the solution to the problem, and you can't argue both that you're innocent, and that you fired the guy for his wrongdoing.

Plus Bernie's campaign then proceeded to claim they were victims and good samaritans, not perpetrators, while filing a lawsuit. The fact that Bernie Sanders lets his people/advisors support the "DNC is corrupt and in the tank for Hillary" conspiracy that his nutty fanatics believe is proof to me that he's a self-serving idiot no better than any other politician. He lost that shiny, saintly status with me a long time ago, over Israel, just like Hillary did. But I don't fucking need my candidate to be a perfect savior as President. I just need somebody competent, experienced, and more sane than the dangerous Republicans. Everyone's human, and yes Hillary is flawed when it comes to being a war hawk. But I can live with that, given how good she is on other important issues. I can't live with Bernie Sanders acting smug and self-righteous, though, egging on his followers until they're so blind that they won't vote Democratic after the primaries are over. That's dangerous, selfish, and unforgivable.

Honestly, they've been yelling for months about how they want Debbie Wasserman-Schultz fired for only scheduling a few debates and having some on Saturdays. Well, news flash, but debates are BORING! Nobody's going to watch them over and over except for people who want the Republican circus entertainment or political junkies. The average person doesn't care about rehashing politics 24/7 with every news cycle. They have lives to worry about, like finding jobs, taking care of their families, paying bills, finding health insurance, doing taxes, etc. Then there are less mundane worries like natural disasters, police brutality, daily shootings, and threats of government shutdown. When normal people have time to relax, they'd rather dish about favorite TV and movies or celebrity gossip. They don't give a crap about an election until the fall months just before November; in extraordinary years like 2008 they might care about the party primary elections, but most of the time they don't give a crap until there's a primary in their own state. They don't fucking care about Iowa if they don't live in Iowa. So no, I would not watch nor care if Debbie scheduled 27 debates all on primetime TV nights. I'd only watch one or two debates at most, and in fact I'd be annoyed that regular programming was being shoved aside for repetitive, useless, BORING debates!

So shut the fuck up, you idiotic Bernie fans before you disgust and turn away the entire voting public! Stop acting like evangelical Christians who won't stop railing against "homosexual agenda" and Planned Parenthood. Shut up and stop trolling about imagined conspiracies against your candidate. Admit that Bernie's people did wrong, they violated their contract with the DNC, and the lawsuit was over-the-top hysterics. The DNC only said they were shutting off access until the campaign complied and proved they didn't have the saved data anymore. The punishment was perfectly reasonable for the incident. At any time, Bernie Sanders's campaign could have complied and regained access. Instead they tried to gin up their supporters into hateful rage. For that, I definitely completely blame Bernie Sanders the candidate. Either he reins in his stupid staffers, or he condones their stupid actions on his behalf. Fuck you, Bernie. You're not principled at all.

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