Saturday, December 12, 2015

Scary Times

Meanwhile, the news has been disheartening, with hate crimes like the firebomb at the mosque, and the anti-refugee fever in several states. I'm glad that prominent Muslims like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar have been speaking out lately. (By the way, I read Kareem's novel about Mycroft Holmes, and it was interesting for featuring Trinidad and a historical group of freed slaves there called Merikans. However, I felt that the mystery was more action/adventure/political conspiracy thriller than something solved by logical deductions. Sherlock appeared in minor scenes a couple of times as an annoying, cold younger brother; he was still in university and snotty and disapproving of Mycroft's educated fiancee.)

I have never found Donald Trump's campaign funny, and he's only gotten more racist and awful. I hate hearing idiotic soundbites from him on the news and try to skip past them, but even late night TV mentions him so you can't really escape. He often repeats himself over and over, as if he can't elaborate on a point with different vocabulary. He'll just keep saying the same simplistic lies as if repetition that will make them true.

Plus I've got to worry about the Supreme Court, which is considering a few cases involving Texas, such as affirmative action, Planned Parenthood, and voter ID laws... So this is Christmas, in the words of John Lennon.

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