Monday, March 14, 2016

Happi Pi Day

I haven't used pi in math for years now, but maybe I'll buy a pie today to celebrate. Tomorrow's going to be the Ides of March, and I wish Hillary success in Tuesday's elections. I also hope that Kos stands by finally banning all the hateful rhetoric on his site. I don't see how Daily Kos can continue with the divisive tone its had for months now. It's getting as sickening as the infighting among Republicans, and I can't stand to watch the endless debates or townhalls.

I saw John Oliver's discussion of the Apple encryption battle with the FBI. Good stuff, and I hadn't even thought about foreign governments wanting to get their hands on such a backdoor too. It's really dangerous. Sure, Apple's not a perfect company, but it's right on this issue.

Meanwhile, The Carmichael Show debuted in its Sunday timeslot. I liked those two episodes a lot more than the cheating episode. I'm not sure how many episodes are in season 2, but I hope they get good ratings. As for drama, I've given up on The Family because I couldn't even make it halfway through the third episode without getting bored and annoyed. I wanted to see The Little Prince movie next weekend, only to learn that Paramount suddenly cancelled the release. Now I don't know when it's coming out, and there's no good movies until April. So disappointing.

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