Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Meanwhile the presidential race goes on, and I hate how Trump has made the discourse sink so low. At least the political ads in Texas have stopped for a while, though I can't stand that Ted Cruz won the state.

I'm tired of the Democratic primary race, with all the viciousness. Kos claims that Daily Kos will start banning people on March 15th, but even his reasonable posts on the subject get attacked by people claiming censorship. They think they own the site, and that he's trying to stop the dissent, rather than just enforce some long-overdue moderation on his site. Even the recent death of the great Tricia Wyse only stopped the pie fights for a day. The only civil political website I can find lately is Wonkette, where the Editrix does like Bernie better, but she is also firm that Hillary is good too, not evil at all. (She apparently had a big fight with her own mother about it.) I'm glad she focuses on party unity and has better moderators than Daily Kos. Plus that baby is very cute and helps take some of the sting out of the bitter campaign. I hope this will all be over soon, though you can't completely predict elections.

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