Sunday, April 10, 2016

One Less Witness

Sleepy Hollow's finale confirmed my decision to drop the show. (I hope it gets cancelled, but there's wild talk about a renewal.) I can't believe they really killed off one of the two main leads. There was a report saying that Nicole Beharie had wanted to be written out of the show; I wish they had gone ahead and done it at midseason, instead of faking us out like this. It was nice to see Corbin, but I disliked Abby speaking like her mission was complete, that her only purpose was to help Ichabod, not have an independent life of her own. Really makes the Witnesses unequal, and the idea of her "eternal soul" going to another person makes it worse. Really terrible mythology, and I don't see how the show could survive recasting her. I wish Nicole well in whatever new career moves she makes.

Now that the late spring/summer reality shows are starting, I have less interest in TV. Probably will spend more time on Netflix or at movies. I'm looking forward to the Jungle Book soon. Lately I've tried again to read a fictional Pinkerton ebook I bought, but I find its steampunk elements annoying. Why can't we have just regular historical fiction, instead of this technobabble nonsense? I want to hear about the characters, not grand conspiracy theories.

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