Sunday, January 1, 2012

BBC Sherlock spoilers

So, they've seen the "Scandal in Belgravia" episode in the UK. I haven't seen it but the only thing I desperately wanted to know was the resolution of the cliffhanger. I checked John's blog, and found the answer at the end of John's very detailed summary of the Great Game episode.

So if you want to know, go there, even though of course you won't get the rest of the season premiere details, or know if they showed Moran at any point. Also, the blog in general has been updated with months worth of cases. I assume the ones written in full will not appear on the TV show, and the ones mentioned without solutions will be explained in the TV show.

Many of the case names refer to cases in the canon, such as the "Tilly Briggs", "Aluminium Crutch", "Geek Interpreter,", and "Six Thatchers." Whoever wrote this blog would make a pretty good pastiche writer.

"The Speckled Blonde" was a clever update to SPEC, getting around the snake issue nicely. I would have liked to have seen that on the show rather than the nonsense of Irene Adler being degraded and objectified, all while protesting that she's not really a love interest. Moffat can fuck off to fuckoffsville.

Happy bloody New Year.

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