Monday, January 2, 2012

Moffat the Irene Killer

No I still haven't seen the episode, and I'm starting to feel less and less likely to see it when it does air here. By "Killer" in the title, I don't mean anything spoilery about whether she lives or dies. I mean her personality, her uniqueness, her incredible strength have been murdered. It's worse than Guy Ritchie's version, and worse than the version where she was a criminal mastermind, murderer, and art thief, with helpful evil scar to identify her.

Here are two spoilery reviews of the episode, telling us how badly Moffat needs to fuck off for destroying Irene Adler. 1. Steven Moffat, Sherlock, and Neo-Victorian Sexism. 2. A Scandal in Belgravia, or the fall of Irene Adler.

In fact, I'm even angrier. Gatiss and Sue Vertue need to fuck off too for allowing Moffat to do this, not only to Irene, but to all the female characters in season 1. Fuck off to the lot of you!


Rebecca said...

I *did* see the episode, and haven't had time to type a proper rant - the treatment of Irene was terribly insulting, and I was intensely disappointed - even though I know I shouldn't have expected much else.

Cress said...

I thought I had lowered my expectations enough after I learned about her nakedness and her profession. But no. I didn't think he'd rewrite the whole plot so she was a damsel in distress, and weakened by her emotions. The whole point of her story was her victory!