Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Still Seething

It's not even about shipperness. I liked Holmes's female love interests in Private Life of Sherlock Holmes and The Seven-Per-Cent Solution movie (not the book). But when Guy Ritchie makes Holmes hate Mrs. Hudson and shoves a woman out of a train, yet is still less misogynistic than you, you ought to be ashamed! I was annoyed with season 1 as a feminist, but I tolerated it as just male Sherlockian blindness.

Moffat and Gatiss claim to love canon, and I was told to "trust them" to get Irene Adler right, but they fouled up everything. Besides, they threw away such trust with Jim, and the stupid Orientalism of "The Blind Banker." This is like insult added to injury. I would have preferred Baring-Gould's crackpot theory that Holmes had an affair and child with Irene Adler during the Hiatus.

Have some balls, Moffat. Name your woman literally Femme Fatale or Catwoman, but don't fucking call her Irene Adler. Jerk off in private, not on our fucking televisions, you wanker.

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