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Point of Origin, part 5

Here's part 5 of Sherlock as a Vulcan. The explanations of pon farr turned out longer than I thought, so still no sex yet. Next chapter, when they're on the ship.

Mycroft says that pon farr lasts for 11 days because in "Amok Time," Spock had been sick for 3 days already when McCoy examined him and declared that he would die in 8 days time.

Fandom: BBC Sherlock/Star Trek
Story: Point of Origin
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Warnings: slash, interspecies cuddling

At last Mycroft arrived and came upstairs with the driver to help collect the bags. Before going to Sherlock, Mycroft paused to glance at John in a fascinated way. "So my brother has confided in you? You seem to be taking his confessions calmly."

"I'm actually quite frightened for his health," John said testily.

"Of course." Mycroft came close and felt Sherlock's forehead. He asked John, "Did you bring his medicine as well?

"You mean this?" John handed over the box with the hypospray and vials.

Mycroft counted the vials, then asked Sherlock, "Is this is your first day of fever?"

Sherlock nodded.

"Ah, good. Then we have time."

"Time?" John asked.

"Pon farr progresses over several days, doctor. This being his first day gives us more options for treatment."

"What options?"

"I'll explain in the car. Let's be on our way."

So they gathered up Sherlock and hurried downstairs together. The driver was still loading the bags into the trunk while they climbed into the car. Anthea was waiting in the back seat, and she was concerned enough to put down her Blackberry for once and take the hypospray box from them.

As the car started, she said to Mycroft, "All meetings now cancelled. Do we need a ship?"

Mycroft said, "Keep it on schedule. It's only his first day, though."

She looked relieved. "Oh good. There's time."

"Time for what?" John asked impatiently. "What's the treatment? For that matter, what's the disease?" He didn't like being left out and lost.

Mycroft told him, "It is not contagious, I assure you. Your planet is in no danger of an alien epidemic."

John hadn't even considered that before. "Never mind that. What about Sherlock? How serious is this? Could he die?

"Only without treatment. Please stay calm, John. This is... this is a routine ailment among Vulcans, although we seldom discuss it with each other, let alone outsiders. However, since Sherlock has confessed to you, it seems advisable that we should tell you about it."

"Then get on with it!"

Mycroft and Anthea exchanged a questioning look at John's snappishness, but Anthea said, "He's in love, naturally."

"Of course."

John blushed a bit, but tried to face them defiantly. Why should he be embarrassed? Sherlock loved him too, and they probably knew that. They were aliens who could read minds. He found, looking at them now, that he was picturing them as Sherlock had shown him in his head, with pointed ears and v-shaped hair.

He felt Sherlock move closer then, leaning on his shoulder, so John embraced him and wiped the sweat off his brow. Sherlock sighed "John," and closed his eyes.

Anthea said with a smile, "I'm very happy for you two."

"Um, thank you."

Mycroft smiled also, then cleared his throat. "Well, pon farr is a somewhat embarrassing phase of Vulcan reproduction."

John looked up in surprise. "What?"

Mycroft continued, "It is somewhat analogous to a mating cycle among your Earth animals. What would be called 'going into heat' colloquially."

John blushed deeply and looked at Sherlock. "You mean--?"

Mycroft nodded. "He needs to mate to break the fever."

John recalled what Sherlock had said before in his bed, that John just needed to touch him and love him. "That's all?"

Mycroft said, "Well there are other methods to break the blood fever, but this is the easiest and most pleasant, if you will consent to it."

John blushed deeply now. He asked, "Why didn't you just say this at the flat? Then we could have stayed there, and... and you could have gone away."

Mycroft said, "Because this has never happened before, John--a Vulcan mating with a human. I do not know for sure that his fever will break after mating with you. If not, then we would have to treat Sherlock some other way, and it would be better to do this in a secure location."

"Oh. I see," John said. "You mean at the clinic?"

"Possibly. It depends on how your treatment goes, and how much time is lost. For now we can afford to indulge you, but take precautions."

"How much time is there?" John asked.

Mycroft explained, "It is a process of hormones building up to dangerous levels in his body, causing the stress and fever. Typically he would have 11 days to seek treatment. Otherwise he would die."

"And you say this is routine?" John protested, "It seems a rather extreme way to reproduce."

Mycroft shrugged and glanced at Anthea.

She said, "It is a consequence of our Vulcan mindset, John. You've seen how Sherlock can get wrapped up in his work to the exclusion of all else? That is how many Vulcans are with their own work, whether it is science or diplomacy or religion. If not for pon farr, many Vulcans would put off reproduction for years, or decades, leading to our extinction."

"Oh." John thought of Anthea's single-minded focus on her Blackberry in a new light. Meanwhile, Sherlock started nuzzling him and kissing his neck. John caressed him but made him stop, still mindful of not being alone.

Mycroft added, "Yes, the urgency forces the mind to finally submit to the body's biological needs. Be thankful it only happens once every seven years."

"You only have sex every seven years?!"

Mycroft rolled his eyes, "No we may have sex at any time we wish, John. The onset of pon farr is merely the time when we must reproduce for the survival of the species."

"Oh. Okay." He certainly wouldn't have liked Sherlock denying him sex for seven years at a time. The past few months of longing had been bad enough. Then John blushed, wondering whether Mycroft and Anthea knew what he was thinking.

Anthea looked up from her Blackberry, and told Mycroft, "The ship is ready."

"How long until we're at the transporter?"

"Twenty minutes."

"Good." Then he looked at John appraisingly. "I am not sure whether it is necessary to deceive you about our Vulcan technology, John. He's shown you the hypospray already?"


"And when did you give him his last shot?"

"He did it himself, a few minutes before I called you."

Anthea noted this down and calculated, "Won't need another shot for four hours."

"And perhaps he won't need one at all, if John can cure him."

John blushed at the hopeful way they looked at him.

Mycroft assured him, "You can take your time, John, and not rush more than your own comfort or Sherlock's fever permits."

John cleared his throat and glanced away. "That's good to know."

"Anyway," Mycroft said, "back to the question at hand. What did Sherlock tell you about, besides pon farr?"

"Well, not much. Just explaining where his heart was, and his green blood."

"What did he say about Vulcan?"

"Well, he didn't really say... He sort of... I don't know what it's called."

Mycroft looked suspicious now. "What do you mean?"

John shrugged. "Some kind of telepathic thing I guess."

"Oh no!" Anthea looked shocked, and Mycroft said some foreign word, presumably Vulcan, sharply.

He then looked sternly at his brother. "Sherlock, what did you do?"

Sherlock clung to John tightly and said, "He forgave me. He loves me."

Mycroft looked exasperated. "That won't make much difference if he dies!"

"What?" John was startled.

Mycroft suddenly pulled John close and looked in his pupils, then felt his forehead. He told Anthea, "Tell them we have another patient."

"Yes, sir." She tapped away on her Blackberry.

John still found it weird, her calling her husband "sir," but didn't comment. He pulled away from Mycroft, then felt his own forehead and pulse. He didn't feel sick, though their concerned expressions made him worry. "I thought you said it wasn't contagious."

"It isn't, unless there's a mind meld."

"Mind meld?"

"Did he touch your face like this?" Mycroft splayed his fingers on his cheek, then removed them before continuing his question, "And chant..?" Mycroft spoke the Vulcan words Sherlock had used before.

"My mind to your mind," John said.

Mycroft cursed in Vulcan again, and Anthea was panicking as well.

"I could die?"

Sherlock clung to him and said urgently, "No, no! I wouldn't let you."

Anthea said, "We don't know, John. No one's ever mindmelded with a human before. We have no idea of the possible side effects or brain damage."

"Besides which, it is an intimate invasion of the mind, not to be done without permission," Mycroft scolded his brother.

"I was weak," Sherlock said, near tears. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

John held him close and kissed him softly. "It's all right, Sherlock. I don't feel sick. Maybe I'll be fine."

"After we make love, and I'm well, I will work on any cure you need. Anything! John, I would never let you die, or suffer harm."

John hushed him. "I know, I know. We've survived impossible odds before, Sherlock. And I--I would risk anything for you. You know that."

Sherlock nodded and kissed him. "I love you," he said, for the first time out loud.

John breathed, "I love you too."

Anthea only broke in to say, "We'll have doctors examine you when we get to the ship, and then you can be alone with him. Perhaps mating can cure both of you."

"Okay." John wasn't really paying attention to her, or else he would have asked about this ship they kept mentioning. The clinic wasn't near any docks, and why take a ship anywhere, instead of a private jet, if they needed to go someplace far?

Mycroft reached over to John's shoulder, and John for a moment thought Mycroft would pat him comfortingly, but instead Mycroft pinched him with his fingers, and John suddenly blacked out.

End of part 5. Continue to Part 6.

There's a Voyager episode where B'Elanna, a Klingon, gets pon farr when a Vulcan suffering from pon farr attempts to mindmeld with her. The other ways to break the pon farr fever are: fight to the death during the wedding ceremony (though McCoy sneakily got around that in "Amok Time"), or a regimen of drugs and meditation, as performed by Tuvok, who didn't want to break his marital vows while stuck on Voyager during his pon farr.

Of course Sherlock being a Vulcan doesn't explain why he's such a poor fighter with humans and gets nearly choked to death twice in the "Blind Banker." You'd think he would have tried a Vulcan nerve pinch then, but maybe he decided to pass out to not reveal his Vulcanness.

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