Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Near the End

I'm still not sure where this "Penelope Graves" backstory on Houdini & Doyle is leading, but it seems to be building to something big. The latest episode about a supposed "alien abduction" had a nice reversal in formula, with Doyle attributing the story to alcoholic ravings, while Houdini chose to keep an open mind. He loves an underdog, and he reacted to the blatant prejudice in the town about the interracial couple. There was nice commentary about Houdini's Jewish heritage, as well as Doyle's own father's alcoholism and madness, so good points raised. When the old woman Martha kept talking about Jewish people and the history of them being run out of town fifty years ago, I guessed pretty quickly the true solution to the mystery, but I still enjoyed seeing it play out. Plus this time the mystery was satisfying with no unexplained deaths. I hope the next episode will be good too.

Anyway, the AP stole Hillary's thunder by announcing her as the presumptive nominee last night. I'm a bit annoyed, but hope that people will still turn out to vote for all the downballot races. I look forward to Hillary giving a great speech tonight, and will celebrate with everybody else. I hope Bernie doesn't spoil things, and will finally shut up. But even if he doesn't concede until the convention, I'm not gonna listen to his superdelegate nonsense anymore. It's so stupid and totally hypocritical. I'm very ready for this whole thing to be over, so we can move on to the general election.

I made the peach upside-down cake, and it turned out great. I never baked from scratch before, but the cake rose perfectly and browned nicely in the pan. Will have to try more recipes to use up my peaches.

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