Thursday, June 9, 2016

Stronger Together

I find it fitting that on Supergirl, Kara explained that the S on her costume was a family crest meaning "stronger together" and it became a theme about family and teamwork on the show. So Hillary using that slogan in her speech is a nice coincidence, emphasizing the theme of cooperation and unity. She also referenced the pledge of allegiance, with America being "indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." I don't care about the "under God" part, but that's not her fault.

All Tuesday I was restless waiting for the election results and even went out to a restaurant to get my mind off it. When I did get home, I got annoyed that the time for Hillary's speech kept changing. I tried watching the livestream, but the feed choked up and quit after she got to the podium. I had to follow along on liveblogs, and only got the feed working in the last few minutes after she mentioned her mother. It was only the next morning that I got a chance to watch the whole speech.

I did love her historical reference to the Seneca Falls Convention, and the passing of the 19th amendment. I also thought about Victoria Woodhull running for president in 1872 (though historians dispute about whether she counts, since she was too young to be President), and I've thought of all the progress that's been made by other suffragists and feminist leaders over the years. It's not shallow to acknowledge the history/herstory of the moment, even though it's not the sole reason people voted for Hillary Clinton. This is a significant milestone, and I will be even more glad to celebrate her election in November.

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