Monday, June 13, 2016

Orlando tragedy

Yet another mass shooting, the deadliest one yet, along with the scare at the LA Pride parade. Worse is that it's bringing out homophobia, Islamophobia, and more saber rattling about ISIS. It's a shame that so soon after the death of Muhammad Ali, that people are calling all Muslims terrorists. We're probably going to get the same resistance to gun control, but I'm glad that Hillary is at least arguing for action beyond thoughts and prayers. I hope this election will get us a Congress that will actually pass the laws. This is why we need Clinton more than Sanders, because she actually gives a damn about a 50-state strategy and even talks up Texas turning blue.

I hope so, but my dad is for Trump and a couple of co-workers say they hate Obamacare. But there's a chance still, especially with Latino votes against Trump, so we better make the most of the opportunity this year.

Anyway, I watched the Tony Awards last night so I could see a performance from Hamilton. Only one song, but interesting. I can barely keep up with the speed of the rap, even with my closed captioning on, but it does seem like a good show. I'll wait for the movie, since of course it's impossible to get tickets, even if I did have time to visit New York.

The Tony Awards in general did a good job paying respect to Orlando, with some great speeches by Frank Langella for example, and I was impressed with the cast diversity of many shows. They are miles ahead of the Oscars or Emmys. There are some great Broadway shows in Dallas theatres this season, so I might actually buy some tickets later if I can work it out with my schedule.

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