Tuesday, June 28, 2016


I was so relieved to hear about the Supreme Court striking down the Texas abortion laws in a 5-3 decision. It was a welcome bit of good news after all the volatility of Brexit lately, and I'm glad that the ruling will set precedent for other states with similar TRAP laws trying to restrict abortion clinics out of existence. Of course Greg Abbott and other Republicans are gonna keep complaining and trying to pass new laws, but we still have allies to fight back. And whenever we get a new Supreme Court justice, maybe we'll finally have some security.

Meanwhile, last night's Houdini & Doyle featured a "poltergeist" and Thomas Edison in Canada. Apparently Edison had invented a "necrophone" as a sort of gramophone for communicating with spirits. The police suspected that a woman had killed her abusive husband, but I was surprised that no one made the argument that the woman couldn't have lifted her husband off the ground and impaled him on the wall. I mean, there was a Sherlock Holmes story about a similar death, and how much strength it would have taken to harpoon a man. You'd think that Doyle would at least bring that up to support his poltergeist theory. Anyway, Houdini avoided grieving over his mother's death, and railed against Edison as a liar and fraud. I hated that Houdini kissed Constable Stratton in the least romantic moment I could think of; I can't stand the show pursuing this storyline. But at least they threw a big wrench in it, when Adelaide discovered that her husband Benjamin was actually alive after all. The show cast Jacob Blair in the role, doing a British accent I guess; he played William Pinkerton in The Pinkertons, and he looks so different clean-shaven. I'm glad he got cast, though I'm sad that his show ended on a cliffhanger never to be resolved I guess. Next week is the season finale for Houdini & Doyle, so I don't know what will happen. I'm not sure if Fox, or even the UK television makers, are going to renew the show or not.

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