Sunday, May 13, 2012

CBS orders Elementary

CBS officially picked up Elementary for the fall season. I'm excited, but impatient. I want to see the pilot already, or at least read the script. They might air it, or maybe clips from it, during the network upfronts. Of course, I won't get to see it, as I'm not member of the TV press. I hope Alan Sepinwall, or some other blogger I can find, will write about it.

Speaking of other Sherlocks, I saw The Avengers yesterday. It was a good movie, and I could follow most of it, except for some vague nuances about Captain America's past, Thor's past, who Hawkeye was, and the identity of the Thanos villain during the post-credits scene. (I only learned Thanos's name, and the fact that there was a 2nd post-credits scene, by reading about it online.) I liked the funny banter, and that there was genius bonding between Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. I didn't trust Hawkeye at first after Black Widow knocked him out, because I really didn't believe that it would be that easy to undo Loki's brainwashing. I kept waiting for Hawkeye to betray the Avengers, but finally gave up and just enjoyed his arrow-shooting. He was as impressive and sexy as Jude Law's Watson. I also loved how awesome Black Widow was, not only in fighting, but in her heartbroken act when talking to Loki in the cell. Anyway, good movie.

I like strong, badass women, and I hope that Lucy Liu as Joan Watson will be in the same mold as Black Widow, or maybe like Nikita. (I've been rewatching season 1 of Nikita most of last night and today, in celebration of its renewal.)

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