Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Point of Origin, part 7

Here at last is the mating scene in my Sherlock is a Vulcan fic

Fandom: BBC Sherlock/Star Trek
Story: Point of Origin
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Warnings: slash, interspecies sex, strong language, Rated R

The escorts took them down anonymous empty corridors. It finally occurred to John that they might be on a spaceship rather than a nautical ship, given all the technology and the lack of rocking motion. However, there were no windows through which John could see out and confirm his theory. Sherlock was eager to get to their quarters, so he did not let John look around too much.

Finally the escorts stopped at a door and announced, "Your quarters, gentlemen."

The door whooshed open, and Sherlock dragged John inside. They kissed almost immediately after the door closed. Sherlock was hungry for contact, running his hands through John's hair and pulling John's shirt loose.

"Mmm, Sherlock."

"John." Sherlock tried to pick him up and carry him to the bed.

"Hey!" John was quite surprised by his strength, but made Sherlock put him down. He looked around the room, which was dimly lit and sparsely decorated like an anonymous hotel room. It didn't look particularly alien and advanced to him. He had no idea how the "ship's computer" would be able to monitor life signs if there were none of those instrument panels over the bed or even those hand held devices.

Sherlock just nibbled at John's ear and neck. "Say you love me," he begged. "Say it again, please."

John nodded. "I love you." He moved to the bed this time and slipped off his shoes.

Sherlock said, "I love you," like a prayer, and began fumbling with his own clothes. John had to help him, and he lingered a moment to look at the recent scar by Sherlock's heart.

John still had to get used to that, Sherlock's heart being in a different place than expected. He laid his hand there to feel the heartbeat beneath his skin. It upset John to recall Sherlock's near fatal stabbing.

Sherlock seemed much moved that John touched the scar and wasn't repulsed by Sherlock being an alien. "You do forgive me for deceiving you?"

"Yeah. It's just, you should have told me before, Sherlock. After you were stabbed, you should have told me the truth, even if I didn't believe you, even if Mycroft had to confirm it."

"Yes, John. I'm sorry. I was just afraid that you wouldn't stay. You wouldn't want me anymore." He kissed John intensely, and they continued undressing until they were naked. Sherlock was sweating and feverish by now.

"You're all right?" John lay down and stared at Sherlock in fascination, trying to see if there were any visible differences between humans and Vulcans.

Sherlock just nodded and lay close to him, tangling their bodies together.

John moaned and twitched with lust. Sherlock was so beautiful and warm. They snogged some more while their hands roamed each other possessively. Sherlock wanted to feel John's war wound, as well as his leg with the psychosomatic limp. He tested the strength and sensitivity of both with his long fingers.

"Oh God, Sherlock." John clutched his hair, his lovely curls, and wondered why it wasn't straight like in the mental picture Sherlock had shown him during his mindmeld. Was this his real hair? It felt real enough, and Sherlock seemed to like having his hair pulled.

He pleaded, "John, fuck me. Have me now. Be my mate." He stroked John's length temptingly.

"Yeah." John groped him and tentatively had a look for his hole.

Sherlock closed his eyes and murmured, "It's like... it's much like human sex. You can do it the same."

"Really? And you know this how?"

"Observation. Research into human pornography. I have been here on Earth for years."

"Have you? Since university with Seb?" he guessed.

Sherlock nodded and reached into the bedside drawer for supplies. It did look like ordinary lube and condoms, so John didn't feel so uncertain of how to proceed. Still, he worried about Sherlock being vulnerable and clouded with lust.

"You sure you want me to? I mean, we could try something less demanding for your first time."

"First?" Sherlock thought a moment, then blinked. "I've had sex before, John, just not with humans."

"Oh, sorry." He cleared his throat nervously. "Of course."

Sherlock continued, "They were experiments, not during pon farr. To learn about the act and decide that I didn't want to waste my brain cells on it."

"So you invented your regimen?"

"Yes. I knew that our planet didn't need me for the survival of the species. Mummy was sad that I refused to be bonded to anyone, for any marriage." He whispered, "I had no idea about you then. That I would meet you, love you, need you."

"Sherlock." John kissed him and rolled him over. He reached for the lube and began stroking Holmes with it, to test if the temperature was comfortable for him.

Sherlock urged him on and soon turned on his side instead, holding one leg out of the way. John assumed this position was more comfortable for him, and he started preparing him in earnest, watching and feeling as Sherlock stretched open for him.

"John," Sherlock groaned, looking increasingly bleary-eyed. He then touched two fingers together, holding them as if he would check John's pulse. Instead he traced the edge of John's face and murmured Vulcan words again. John wanted to know what he was saying, but told himself they couldn't risk another mind meld.

Then Sherlock reached for John's free hand and moved his fingers together in the same way. "Touch me." He showed John how to stroke along his face, and then down his shoulders and against Sherlock's two fingers as well. The movements were strangely erotic, especially the way Sherlock reacted to each caress.

John tried stroking Sherlock's thighs and discovered that he quivered deliciously. Sherlock breathed hard and begged John to take him now, so John hurried to put on a condom and position himself.

Sherlock turned to face him and kept stroking John with two fingers. He muttered more Vulcan words as John slowly sank inside him. John carefully watched Sherlock's face to be sure that he wasn't causing pain or doing things wrong. Sherlock just begged for more and clutched the sheets with one hand.

So John buried himself deep inside and enjoyed the heat, trying not to worry about Sherlock's fever. Surely if his health were in danger, then Dr. Selar would interrupt? Besides, Mycroft said that Sherlock could die if he weren't treated, and this was the treatment. So John carried on and put aside his anxieties for happier thoughts. Sherlock loved him, really loved him, and they were together at last. Who cared if he wasn't human?

Sherlock was impossibly flexible, shifting to kiss John and moan into his mouth.

After a moment John moved and began to experiment with shallow thrusts. Sherlock showed him what pace and angle he liked. They rocked together, and John started to feel feverish and sweaty too. Sherlock kept moaning his name, and John had no idea how long he could last. His head swam, and Sherlock licked him to taste the sweat on his skin. Sherlock's own length was hard and starting to look green due to the blood filling it. John wasn't put off, stroking him with two fingers again.

Sherlock suddenly cried out and shuddered, his muscles clenching and setting off John as well. They rode out the ectsasy like an endless wave. John collapsed and slipped out as gently as he could. He couldn't think for several moments, and he listened for Sherlock's breathing to even out.

Wow, so now he'd had sex with an alien. He never thought that would happen, particularly since he didn't believe in aliens walking around on earth. He wondered if he'd have been more hesitant if Sherlock had pointed ears and the odd Vulcan hairstyle. Well, either way, he was beautiful, and John was in love.

As Sherlock's breathing calmed down, John felt his forehead for a fever, and found that he was indeed cooler than before. "Better, now?

Sherlock nodded and kissed him. "Fantastic."

John was relieved. "Good. So you won't die on me any time soon?" Anthea and Mycroft had frightened him when describing pon farr.

Sherlock grinned mischievously. "Not before I've had you." He pounced on him again and proceeded to prove to John that Vulcans can have sex even when not in pon farr.

End of Part 7. To be continued.

The two-finger caress is seen when Spock seduces the female Romulan Commander in the "Enterprise Incident" episode, as well as in the pon farr scenes in the Search for Spock movie.