Friday, May 25, 2012

More Elementary

CBS released a new, longer trailer for Elementary. We get more banter between Holmes and Watson this time, as well as more views of their strange wardrobe.

Edit on May 30th: Alyssa at Think Progress just posted about Elementary again. She discusses Holmes's addiction, including quotes from SIGN. I think the first commenter is too cranky, though, since Alyssa obviously meant BBC Sherlock's focus on Sherlock's alien mindset and so-called sociopathic tendencies, which were emphasized in every episode, especially when it played out as a mirror to the psycho Moriarty. The Asperger's term in the Hounds episode was used to refer vaguely to whatever it is that's weird about Holmes's personality.

Also, I do think that canon Holmes was a regular addict, even if drugs weren't mentioned in all the stories. When Watson speaks in SCAN of Holmes "alternating from week to week between cocaine and ambition," I regard that as regular cocaine use, like clockwork. Face it, he was an addict, whom Watson had to eventually wean off drug use.

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