Monday, May 7, 2012

Sherlock Holmes on Shmoop

I just discovered this website called Shmoop which seems to be a study-guide for students preparing for college tests. In a very casual, jokey manner, they give summaries and commentary on various literary texts. I found them discussing The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and they made a point to actually mention the bromance:
...the bromance scale goes up to eleven in these stories. Holmes's relationship with Dr. John Watson is so emotionally satisfying that Watson's wife Mary eventually just dies so that the two guys can be roomies again.
Plus they also emphasize that Holmes is a good man, helping people out with his superhero deductive powers. He's not a psychopath who doesn't care about people. He has plenty of ethics and sympathy, even if he takes the law into his own hands sometimes.
 Speaking of having him on our side, Holmes totally uses his powers for good. Everyone in Victorian London, from the lowliest governess to the highest nobleman, eventually comes to see Holmes when they need help. He's like a super-genius, disguise-loving Victorian version of Dear Abby. And it's reassuring to read about a guy who just goes around making sure that life is fair for the little guy.
This is the character I love. The man that's about Truth, Justice, and the British Way. I suspect it's what Watson loved too.

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