Friday, January 29, 2016


Finally the UK show You, Me, and the Apocalypse premiered and I enjoyed it. It was vastly better than Last Man on Earth, which had become so insular and repetitive, never caring about how to actually survive or rebuild civilization. It was just an empty, boring world for a bunch of people to have stupid relationship fights, so I stopped watching early in season 2.

In contrast, the Apocalypse show had way more action and actually felt fresh and interesting. The characters were from around the world, and we saw glimpses of the global reaction to the comet. (I didn't like the U.S. President being a nondescript white guy, and there being no response/confirmation from other world leaders.) Sure, some characters had personal problems like the banker being adopted and discovering his missing wife, but it never felt trivial or petty compared to the impending doom; it felt like great motivation to do something while he still had time in the world. There's urgency for everyone, even for those women prisoners who didn't want to die incarcerated.

I don't mind that the show is more like a dramedy than a sitcom; in fact I found the show most clunky when it tried to be funny with Rob Lowe's character. He was so intent on shocking the nun with his outrageousness, and he was sexist and insulting during the job interview. I wouldn't mind seeing less of him and exploring the nun's journey more. I like the drama and mystery about White Horse, the hacktivist twin, and Rhonda the librarian who went to prison for her son. We might learn more about her sick husband and her bad ex-husband too. I'm curious about how the show will go, and trying not to spoil myself by reading about how it aired in the UK already.

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