Saturday, January 9, 2016

Be Gone Crazies

Meanwhile on Daily Kos, they seem to have somehow fixed things and found sanity again. The Recommended list used to be 80% Bernie Sanders diaries with one Hillary diary, and maybe a few meta diaries about how viciously uncivil everyone is getting. Now at last it's only 25% Bernie diaries, with room for important news stories once again. Whatever they did to fix it, keep doing it. I hope this lasts through the rest of the primaries, and the general campaign. Maybe the conspiracy theories will die down too.

Texas politics is still awful, with Governor Abbott doing his best to defy federal laws, and close Planned Parenthood. He's apparently advocating a constitutional convention now, and I can't stand it. Him and Ted Cruz make us look bad, and motivate non-Texans to tell us all to secede. Sigh. Anyway, there's some important cases like Voter ID and abortion rights before the Supreme Court, and I'm worried how the rulings will go. I have to hope for the best, I guess, until Texas turns blue.

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