Monday, January 25, 2016

Needs More Work

Well, I heard about Fox moving Second Chance to Fridays due to low ratings. It's better for me than Wednesdays, so I won't complain. I disliked the second episode slightly with Jimmy torturing that prisoner in the hospital to get information. Yeah, I know he's a corrupt cop, but I was hoping for him to use his brains more to investigate. I also find it disturbing that Mary doesn't inquire about Jimmy's methods (or maybe she knows through Lookinglass surveillance but doesn't care about the ethics). It's a little annoying too that Otto can be the deus ex machina from afar. I hope it improves, like how Supergirl got better.

Meanwhile, Lucifer premiered. No explanation for why the Devil talks with an accent, but he is a charming guy. They're apparently going with the idea that Lucifer was declared evil for his rebellion, but he's questioning whether he really is that bad. Like, is his role as the devil forced on him, and we blame Lucifer for our sins? Sympathy for the devil and all that. It's okay, for a crime procedural and is full of puns and winks to him being Satan. I didn't like the gratuitous jokes about the cop's porn past, and I thought for a moment that her ex-husband was so discouraging because he was corrupt, and somehow in on the murder. They reused a thing from Forever, where the cop gets shot and the immortal guy gets the bad guy, but the cop has fuzzy memories of what she witnessed, so she never finds out that he's really immortal. What blatant theft!

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