Saturday, January 16, 2016

Holmes on the Way

Dang! I missed it. The new S(her)lock episodes were only available to celebrate Holmes's birthday, and now I can't see them without passwords. I was working so much that I didn't have time to watch until this weekend. Well, at least I have confirmation that they're still working on the show and will premiere them later. Hopefully they will be up for sale eventually so I can buy them.

Anyway, Fox premiered a trailer for their Houdini and Doyle show recently, but still gave no firm date on when it premieres. I'm glad to hear that they're including a female constable at New Scotland Yard. Perhaps the show will be progressive and interesting in the way that Kate Warne was in the Pinkertons show. I still haven't heard anything about season 2 of The Pinkertons, so I guess it must be gone except for reruns. I hope the new show will be fun, even if historically inaccurate as regards to Doyle and Houdini.

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