Saturday, January 9, 2016

New Episodes

Yay! The feminist S-her-lock web series has posted four episodes recently. I don't have time to watch them right now, but it will be something to look forward to when I have some time off from work.

In other news, Mitch Hurwitz made some recent comments about season 5 of Arrested Development. Given real life politics, he really wants to premiere the show before the November election this year. I don't see how he can do it when he hasn't written the scripts or started production yet because of the cast schedule. Netflix hasn't even officially confirmed season 5 yet.

Apparently, Mitch also complained about how he has to discard certain storylines he had in mind, like his plan for George Bluth Sr to "become a woman." Frankly, I'm glad he can't do that (because of Transparent). This so-called transgender storyline came out of nowhere in season 5 and was so muddled and confusing. It wasn't built up over the years, like all the previous hints about Gob being bisexual (or even the thing about Tobias being secretly black). George was never ambivalent about his gender before, and when the change started in season 5, he confessed to Dr. Norman that his hormone problem "felt wrong." He was very sincerely upset. So no, I don't believe in George's sudden turn around of putting on a red wig and randomly declaring that "this feels right." It's inauthentic and doesn't make any damn sense.

It's like Mitch has no freaking idea what being transgender means. It's something innate, not something artificially brought about by some mysterious hormone mishap that they never actually explained on the show. No way would I find that continued storyline funny. It would just be gross and clueless. So thank God Mitch won't do that awful story. Just have George be discovered cross-dressing, then take him to a doctor to fucking sort out whatever the hell happened to him. Then move on. If you must, explain that he just wanted to dress as a woman to disguise himself and avoid legal trouble. Fine. Just fix the story and back the hell away from the HUGE MISTAKE you would have made with the clumsy transgender plot. Focus on the Lucille Austero murder mystery instead, and Lindsay's political campaign, and Gob's romance with Tony Wonder. That's what I want to see.

Speaking of Netflix, sometime during the holidays, the sound started working again. I don't know why or how, because I didn't do anything different than the last time I tried accessing it through Tivo. But I'm glad it's back to working, because using the Apple TV was way more inconvenient. Now I can get back to bingeing. I also recently discovered that my no!no! hair remover still works. I thought it had stopped working when I couldn't buff away the hairs quickly, but it turns out, I just needed to be more patient for the hairs to disintegrate and rub away. The buffing has the added benefit of exfoliating my skin and making it smooth. So I'm glad that gadget wasn't a failed purchase after all.

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