Saturday, January 30, 2016


I saw Kung Fu Panda 3 today, and loved it. It's been so long that I don't remember what happened in the second movie besides the tease about Po meeting his biological father. Maybe I'll do a rewatch if I can. The new movie was really excellent, with beautiful artwork. I was glad that they included Master Oogway, the old tortoise, in the Spirit World to bring things full circle.

The previews before the movie included lots of animated films, such as Zootopia. I'm not sure I like the premise, but I guess I'll see it since Jason Bateman is one of the voices. He's also supposed to appear in the TV special about director James Burrows. I suppose he'll reminisce about his 1980s sitcoms, and I think he directed one of the Hogan Family episodes while a teenager. I hope Bateman's segment won't be too brief, given how many other stars are supposed to show.

Speaking of television, the third episode of Second Chance shocked me by letting Duval in on his father's secret so soon. I would have thought they'd keep up the half-brother pretense for longer and save the truth for many episodes later. I'm not quite sure what the show will do now, but I guess they're going to be bold in burning through some plots. At least Mary did seem to be more active and to object to Jimmy misusing his strength. Her secretary is so amusing with all her concern for her boss. Otto didn't even orchestrate a fantastic escape this time, which is an improvement too. I'll hope for the best in the remaining episodes.

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