Monday, January 25, 2016

Political Wars

In political news, I'm glad that the Texas grand jury indicted those anti-abortion activists who made those videos about fetal tissue at Planned Parenthood. So many GOP governors were looking for excuses to smear Planned Parenthood and shut it down, but they've been cleared of wrongdoing by everybody.

I can't believe that rabid Bernie supporters tried to do the same thing. They got mad just because Planned Parenthood endorsed Hillary, so they ranted about not donating anymore. They complained that PP didn't hold a vote on it, and they concocted a conspiracy theory that Cecile Richards did it as a favor to Hillary. Saying she's "establishment" and not progressive. This is the same woman who was recently praised by progressives for being a strong advocate defending Planned Parenthood from the aforementioned fetal tissue videos! Fucking Berniacs! Everyone's corrupt, everyone's ruled by Wall Street and political favors except your guy. He's such a pure saint, is he?

I spoke too soon about sanity returning to Daily Kos, because the whole thing went to hell. They seriously had a recent diary praising some 2005 news article about Bernie in Congress, and said the article proved that Bernie could get things done. When actually the article showed that Bernie's hard-won amendments all ended up killed; so he didn't actually get anything done. He was soundly defeated. Where the fuck did these people's logic and reading comprehension go? I still blame Bernie for letting his campaign work his fans into such a blind frenzy. Daily Kos is thoroughly useless for any news now.

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